The AutoGyro MTO Sport


The Autogyro MTO Sport is a two seat, open cockpit gyroplane that is factory manufactured and fully certified under the UK CAA BCAR Section T.

To achieve this certification the aircraft had to pass stringent safety and stability tests.

The MTO Sport is the successor to the popular MT ’03 which was the first two seat gyroplane in the world to have achieved such a certification.

What Makes The MTO Sport So Good?

  • The Autogyro MTO Sport is possibly the cheapest fully certified light aircraft available today. Start-up costs are less than $100,000 and the running costs are about the same as a standard family car. This makes it more possible than ever for you to experience the freedom that comes with flight.
  • The Autogyro needs very little take off and landing room and requires very little hangar space making them an excellent option for people looking to own their first recreational aircraft.
  • The MTO Sport has been tested in the harshest environments from the snowfields of Scandinavia to the deserts of Africa and Australia. They perform well no matter what the conditions.
  • They handle strong winds with ease, both on the ground and in the air
  • They are impossible to stall and impossible to spin making them extremely safe for use by relatively inexperienced pilots.

Learning to fly the MTO Sport requires around 30-35 hours of autogyro training for you to achieve your solo certification, followed by a further interim period where you can only fly solo before you’re able to take non-certified passengers along for the ride

After that the world is your oyster…you can take your Autogyro to virtually any part of the country without the hassle of roads or traffic. A 2 hour drive becomes a 35 minute flight.

You’ll wonder how you managed without your gyro for so many years.

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